Sorry, there is nothing here now as for some reason I was asked to take down all the images which can all be found quite easily online and where only put up to introduce people the work of Barney Bubbles together with a link to his book to buy. I have now taken down the link to the book as I feel they are being complete dicks in asking me to take down low res pics of his work.


Will said...

OMG fucking Mrs Mills, we had that cover in our flat about 5 years ago then someone nicked it. To this day I have never heard that album and I never shall, lest my wildest fantasies are burdened by a heavy heart(i.e it's a bit shit)

videotime said...

The new BB book is incredible, and that DAMNED red splodge cover he did is the greatest.

Daniel Has Potential said...

never knew this guy and that he did so much good stuff, ive got this book on new wave record covers and hes done half of them.

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