Joshua Petherick and Christopher LG Hill have made a couple of Radio shows for Melbourne gallery Y3K.

Anima Sound - Show Moo Show, Way On Way Up, Meau
Cromagnon - Ritual Feast Of The Libido
Hatfield & The North - Calyx
Gugg - Googleheim (BoyzIIIMyn Remiiix)
Henri Chopin - Throat Power
John Williams - Ewok Celebration
Semool - Essai 2
Klingon drinking song
Corneus - Teufeischmand 2
Puzzle Punks - Budub
Bruno Spoerri - Hymn Of Taurus
Tamia - First Polyphony
Paeces - Stable Table
Basil Kirchin - Part Two - Special Relativity
Menstruation Sisters - This Morning I Kill Lion
Ramon Sender - Worldfood - Xii
Ernst Jandl - What You Can Do Without Vowels
Gugg - Seagull
Lem - Cyborgs
Ralph Lundsten - Cat Nymphony
Ghédalia Tazartès - La Vie Et La Mort Légendaire Du Spermatozoïde Humuch Lardy
Diego Cortez - Arbiter
Tatsuya Yoshida - Abdrushin
Decibel - Contranatura
Jocy De Oliveira - Estória IV Para Vozes Violino
Galactic Locksmith - Hearth
Julia Heyward - Mongolian Face Slap Big Coup (part one) Nose Flute, Big Coup (part two)
Stephan Dillemuth - Erdmusik (Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen, Markus Oehlen, Werner Buttner, Roberto Ohrt, Georg Herold, Diedrich Diederichsen, Max Hetzler, Gisela Capitain)
Cos - Babel
Tasaday - Vai Troppo Spresso A Wuppertai
Ron Geesin - Freedom For Four Voices and Me
Moffarfarrah - Side A (Commodore Condor, Sirrup Part I, II(Ode To Crazy Frog), Scattered)

Organic Music Society - North Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn
Vox Populi! - Taghmanates - Gin Gina - Un Jour
Bedspring Symphony - Erotica
Roger Reynolds - Still (Voicespace I)
Demetrio Stratos - Investigazione
The Residents - Arctic Hysteria
Kurt Schwitters - Simultangedicht kaa gee dee-WW-Boo-Naa-Bii bull ree Observogelsang-Niesscherzo-Hustenscherzo Cigarren-The real disuda of t
Robert Wyatt - Excerpt from Radio Populare session
Luc Marianni - Gemeni
Meredith Monk - Procession
Masonna - Beauty Beast
Prima Materia - The Tail Of The Tiger
Günter Maas - Molom - Takis - Kawak - Ses
Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry - Symphonie Pour Un Homme Seul: Eroica
Magma - K.A. III

Also, Misha Hollenbach's new show, Indispensable Duties will be at Y3K from 17th October til 7th November.

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