Will Sweeney & Matt Furie show at Jaguar Shoes on 17th August.


Anonymous said...

is that in the UK?
have you got a link to some more info?

JIRO said...

Yeah, on Kingsland Rd in east London, this is the full info.

Prolific Illustrators Will Sweeney and Matt Furie will be teaming up for the first time ever for a double exhibition at both the JaguarShoes Collectives Kingsland Road venues.

The Doorz is a Trans - dimensional journey via traditional drawing methods (caran d'ache pencil crayon, ink wash), modern communication methods (skype, yousendit.com) and deluxe digital printing. London based artist Will Sweeney and San Francisco's Matt Furie are collaborating on a series of images of portals, doorways and entrances to new worlds. Evoking the imagery of surreal children’s books, lost animations and hyper real alien landscapes. The Doorz is a unique game of visual Chinese whispers by this influential pair and takes the form of fine art prints at the Old Shoreditch Station and large scale installation at DreamBagsJaguarShoes.

There will also be a limited edition t-shirt by Will Sweeney and a celebratory tea set by Matt Furie produced for the show.

Anonymous said...

great cheers for that.