The Beatles Medley (side two to Abbey Road) is quite possibly my favourite piece of music off all time, in 22 minutes it encompasses everything I love about The Beatles, I think I've listened to it about 10 times already today.


The End in particular is a favourite for the solos, if you don't know the medley idea was Macca's and for 'The End' he wanted all 4 members to do a solo, Ringo's rather begrudging solo is at the start (20sec-35sec), which is then followed by Paul (54sec-59sec), George (59sec-1min 03) and John (1min 03 - 1min 06), which is then repeated twice more up until the "And, in the end, the love you take/ Is equal to the love you make." bit. What I love is that in those tiny solos you can get a clear sense of what each Beatle contributed, Paul with his bendy and bouncy style (like the way he wiggles his head when he talks), George all melodic and technical and John rhythmic and distorted.

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ele said...

im obsessed with abbey road always will be, golden slumbers, carry that weight and the end are just perfect