For probably the past 5 years I've been looking for this documentary that I had seen brief clips of without any success until today when I found a torrent link HERE.

The Outcasts is a BBC 40 Minutes documentary from 1985 that follows The Outcasts MC from East Anglia, this documentary is fucking incredible, I can't really describe how awesome it is and even these photos don't do it justice, the photo of the guy with sticks in his neck is from their local pub which is also a dojo! Just download it, you wont be disappointed.

40 MINUTES - THE OUTCASTS (Megaupload)


Henry said...

Thanks Jiro- this is great. I found it really sad too. But then the bowls cheered me up.

Anonymous said...

great. downloading now. good find. East Anglians are my people. a local pub has a heavy biker contingent to this day.

Peace the Cat said...

Thanks Dude!!!

Baz81x said...

Thank you SO much for this! I have the film on video, but it is so bad (quality wise!), it's unwatchable.

Been looking on line for 12 years . .

Thanks again