I've been collecting lots of pictures of old native canoes recently and saw some great ones at The British Museum then the other day my friend QUEENIE (via OLD CHUM) sent me this beautiful documentary following César Newashish as he builds a canoe the traditional way.

So satisfying and completely engrossing throughout, makes you realise how crap all the new docs you see online these days are with the unnecessary music, stupid editing and pointless presenters constantly on camera and shows how good a documentary can be. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


watakula said...

HI jiro!
unrelated but i was wondering if you could do a best of list of your fav 80s jpop songs. I liked your italo list a lot. if u have time of course!
thanx a milli,

JIRO said...

Hi Watakula,

I wish I knew enough to compile such a list, hopefully one day when my knowledge of 80's Japanese J-Pop/Jazz Fusion is good enough I will.

All I can say right now is that over the next couple of days there should be a post to a Japanese band that I've wanted to know more about for the past couple of years.