I was asked to make the first mix for my friends at PANTHER CLUB. More mixes to come, enjoy!

Orquestra De Las Nubes - Cama Disarmónica (1985, Spain)
ORM & Kamelie - Tropic (1983, Czechoslovakia)
Finis Africae - El Secreto De Las 12 (1984, Spain)
Phantom Band - For M. (1980, Germany)
Loredana Bertè - In Alto Mare (1980, Italy)
Hugh Masekela - Don't Go Lose It Baby (1984, South Africa)
The Countach - My Oasis (1990, Italy)
Claude Larson - Mosquito (1980, Germany)
Bob Chance - Jungle Talk (1980, USA)
Peter Green - Tribal Dance (1979, UK)
Peter Davison - Glide III (1981, USA)
MFSB - Old San Juan (1980, USA)
Sergius Golowin - Die Weisse Alm (1973, Switzerland)


lsd said...

funny dude - was listening to that phantom band jam as i read this post. haven't been able to shake it since nimh!

JIRO said...

Can't beat a bit of Jaki Liebezeit!

eternalslumberparty said...

this mix rips to wake up to

María Isabel Cartagena Faytong said...

Great Jiro, as always. Your blog is the best! That Tropic song is great. I think you may like Eduardo Zurita, an Ecuadorian musician. Say, I remember your MySpace account, got lots of cool pics. What about it?

JIRO said...

My MySpace, that was years ago.