Goin' Solo by Jizz

I always like discovering a song then finding out the artist is also a member of a band I never knew they were in, like the other day I heard a song by a guy called Benoît Widemann, I then discovered he was briefly in the band Magma.
This is a mix of songs by artists who are probably more well known for the bands that they're in (apart from Wally Badarou who isn't really a member of Level-42, but who needs an excuse to use a Wally song).

Graham Gouldman - Bionic Boar (10cc)
Benoit Widemann - Tsunami (Magma)
Phil Manzanera - Gone Flying (Roxy Music)
Bill Wyman - Soul Satisfying (Rolling Stones)
Tony Banks - Charm (Genesis)
Wally Badarou - Hi-Life (Level-42)
Chaz Jankel - Glad To Know You (Ian Dury & The Blockheads)
Gabi Delgado - History of a Kiss (DAF)
Stewart Copeland - Don't Box Me In (The Police)
Argent - Hold Your Head Up (The Zombies)
John Phillips - Captain (Mamas & The Papas)
Danny Kirwan - Midnight in San Juan (Fleetwood Mac)
Michael Shrieve - Oasis (Santana)
Harald Grosskopf - Coming Out (Ash Ra Temple)
Dennis Wilson - Lady (The Beach Boys)

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