More sensual Japness.
Osamu Kitajima / Yesterday and Karma
Gontiti / Nickel Dance
Ryo Kawasaki / Hawaiian Caravan
Seaside Lovers / Melting Blue
Miharu Koshi / Ryugujo No Koibito
Hiroshi Sato / Awakening
Testpattern / Modern Living
Osamu Shoji / 10 cents Bag
Yellow Magic Orchestra / Behind The Mask
Urban Dance / Why
Ryuichi Sakamoto / Steppin' Into Asia
Hiromi Go / Cool
Super Eccentric Theater / Oh Le Beaux Japonais! (Original Karaoke Version)
Meiko Nakahara / Fantasy
Toshiki Kadomatsu / Hatsu Koi
Tatsuro Yamashita / Love Space
Apogee & Perigee / Gessekai Ryokou
Haruomi Hosono / Worry Beads
Mikado / Si Tu Maimes
Testpattern / Ocean Liner
Kazumi Watanabe / Mother Terra
Imitation / Narcissa
Minako Yoshida / Asa Wa Kimi Ni


Julian said...

listening right now and loving it so far!!!

Frikki said...

Fantastic mix. But I have to ask one thing.
The track between "Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind the Mask" and "Ryuichi Sakamoto - Steppin' into Asia" seems to be missing from the tracklist, could you maybe elucidate the masses as to what it is?

JIRO said...

Whoops! Got a couple songs mixed up, the tracklist should be correct now, thanks for pointing it out.

krilli said...

Thank you so much for these mixes. That Ryo Kawasaki track Hawaiian Caravan is so good it hurts.

krilli said...

(Really digging your artwork too! There's a bunch of small vernaculary low-end graffiti primal forms in it that we had in Iceland back in the '80s/'90s. It's very refreshing to see it dug up!)

mateo said...

Is it possible to download any of the "Japs Onry's"? IM IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THEM

JIRO said...

Mateo, all the mixes have been re-uploaded and should be all downloadable.