With the anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake coming up I thought I'd dedicate the next installment of Japs Onry to all my fellow yellow brothers and sisters, がんばって! 
Hiroshi Sato - Son Go Kuw
Kitaro - Westbound
Moonriders - G.o.a.P (急いでピクニックへ行こう)
World Standard - Pasio
Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki & Tatsuro Yamashita - Passion Flower
Yukihiro Takahashi - Disposable Love
Testpattern - Techno Age
Sandii - Zoot Kook
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Kimi Ni Mune Kyun
Ippu-Do - ムーンライト マジック
Tamao Koike - Kagami no Nakano Jugatsu (Remix Version)
Testpattern - Ryugu
Hajime Tachibana - Rock
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Main Theme Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise
Miharu Koshi - Petit Paradis
Yellow Magic Orchestra - 鏡の中の十月
Masayoshi Takanaka - Illusion
Tatsuro Yamashita - Love Space
Haruko Kuwana - Sundown
Ann Lewis - Alone in the Dark
Yuki Okazaki - Jamaican Affair


IMNT said...

C'est toujours un plaisir de venir écouter de la musique sur ce blog !



Clark said...

Really Really Good. That Yukihiro song is the jumpoff.

krilli said...

Thank you so much! Education has never been this fun. Passion Flower is ridiculously amazing. Ha!

Lance said...

Hey, thanks a bunch for making these. I was already into YMO but these mixes opened up a whole new world of great 70s and 80s j-pop for me. They had such great disco and electronic stuff!

Lance said...

Oh yeah, and would you mind uploading Ann Lewis - Alone in the Dark on its own?

I'm trying to crop it with Audacity but it seems pretty hard to make the beginning and the ending sound good.